Privacy Policy

1. MM House Design pays special attention to the protection of privacy of Shop’s Customers. MM House Design exercises due care in selecting and applying relevant technical and organisational measures to ensure protection of processed data, including software development security measures (such as data encrypting systems). In particular, MM House Design protects data against its disclosure to unauthorised persons and processing in violation of applicable laws. MM House Design exercises continuous supervision over data processing and restricts access to data to the highest possible extent, granting relevant permissions only if it is necessary for the correct provision of services in the Shop.

2. The controller of personal data provided by Customers placing orders with the Shop is MM House Design.

3. Personal data is processed on the basis of the consent granted by the Customer as well as statutory authorisation to process data necessary for the purposes relating to MM House Design activities, including without limitation to conclude, perform and account for sale agreements in the Shop (process transactions for the sale of products) and archive them.

4. It shall be voluntary for the Customer to provide any personal data. The provision of data referred to in Section 5 shall be necessary for processing of the order in the Shop, while the provision of personal data referred to in Section 2 of the Terms of Use shall be necessary for the purposes laid down in Section 1 thereof.

5. Customers may browse through product offers and information presented in the Shop without prior creation of an Account and provision of any personal data.

6. Data provided by the Customer upon placing an Order shall be used for accounting purposes, contacting the Customer, managing the Account in the Shop, and for any other activities relating to the conclusion or performance of sale agreements. Moreover, such data can be used to verify if the person registering an Account meets the conditions laid down in the Terms of Use and provisions of law. Contact details shall also be used with Customer’s consent to provide the Customer with information on MM House Design, the Shop and offered products. The Customer may resign from receiving such information at any time.

7. Customer data may be disclosed to entities authorised to receive it under applicable laws, including without limitation competent judicial bodies. Customer personal data may be transferred to third parties in the cases indicated by MM House Design and with Customer’s consent.

8. If MM House Design becomes aware that the Customer uses the Shop contrary to the Terms of Use or applicable laws, MM House Design may process Customer personal data to the extent necessary to establish his liability provided that MM House Design records the fact of receipt and the content of these messages for the purpose of obtaining evidence.

9. Personal data of Customers making online payments for products bought from the Shop is transferred to the following companies:

  1. PayPal S.à.r.l. with its registered office in Luxembourg L-2449, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, holding a valid licence as a Luxembourg credit institution as defined in Article 2 of the Act on Financial Sector of 5th April 1993, subject to strict supervision of the Luxembourg Financial Supervision Authority, i.e. Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier;


Such transfer includes personal data necessary for making a payment via PayPal and is made:

  • to process a payment for products bought from the Shop by PayPal S.à.r.l.,

  • immediately after the Customer selects an online payment as a payment method.


10. MM House Design shall ensure that Customers are able to exercise their rights arising under the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997, including without limitation the right to access and amend their personal data, and the right to control the processing of their personal data under the terms and conditions of the said Act. In exercise of the right to control processing of their personal data, Customers shall in particular have the right – in the cases laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act – to make a written justified request that the processing of their personal data be ceased owing to specific circumstances, and to object to the processing of their data if MM House Design intends to process it for marketing purposes or if MM House Design transfers such personal data to a data controller other than MM House Design.

11. MM House Design shall provide its Customers with a possibility to view and amend their personal data. MM House Design shall provide its Customers with a possibility to delete their personal data from the data file if they decide to withdraw from the agreement as referred to in Section 16 of the Terms of Use, and in any other cases laid down in applicable laws. MM House Design may refuse to delete Customer data only in cases laid down in applicable laws, in particular if the Customer has failed to make all the outstanding payments to MM House Design, or if MM House Design becomes aware of and records the fact that the Customer has violated the Terms of Use or applicable laws by his behaviour and such data shall be preserved to explain these circumstances and establish the liability of the Customer.

12. MM House Design uses IP addresses collected during internet connections for technical purposes relating to server administration. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region from which the connection is made). Such data shall not be combined with data provided by Customers and shall only constitute the basis for statistical analysis and mechanisms used to fix system bugs.

13. MM House Design uses cookies. Information collected with the use of cookies enable the adaptation of services and contents to individual needs and preferences of Customers, and compilation of general statistics on how Customers use the Shop. Disabling the option to save cookies in a web browser basically does not make it impossible to use the Shop, but it may result in certain impediments. More information on cookies can be found in the Cookie Policy available on the Shop’s web page.